The Legal Cannabis Industry’s Most Trusted LOGISTICS Transportation Services

Versatile Solutions In A New Era

We see the vast possibilities of legal cannabis, and we’re excited to push the industry to new heights. As one of the nations’s most trusted providers, we offer secure and reliable Licensed & Secure Deliveries, Monitored & Insured Product Transport, and Storage & Transparent Transfers, that allow our partners to focus on what’s most important – their business.

Our team, comprised of retired law enforcement and industry experts, work as an extension of your team delivering a best-in-class supply chain experience for you and your customers.


Talaria offers a wide range of brands and products to stock your shelves and help your existing suppliers continue providing you with their products via a compliant distribution path.

Cultivation & Manufacturing

Cultivation and Manufacturers leverage our secure logistics services to reduce costs and lower capital expenditures while maintaining a high quality, customer friendly delivery service.

Testing Laboratories

Our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your products and assisting with regulatory compliance. That's why we work directly with registered marijuana dispensaries, licensed cultivators, and approved laboratories.

A Partnership Based On Trust

We are committed to providing a consistent, reliable service with flexibility, excellent communication, built on a foundation of trust.

Services For A Growing Industry

Our proven team delivers on our customer’s needs to find the ideal solution.


Transport raw material or finished product anywhere in your state.

Lab Testing

Collect and deliver lab samples using our team.

Home Delivery

Add home delivery services using our MellyGo Service

Nationwide Service That Delivers

Operating in 25+ states across the US.

Let's Get Started

Reach out to learn more about our unique solutions.

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