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Talaria Expands into Maryland Market Provides Third-Party Secure Cannabis Transportation in 14 States – Talaria via Cision PRWeb
March 13, 2020 at 6:00 AM
by Talaria Transportation
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As dispensary sales topped $252 million, doubling more than the previous year, Maryland grows as one of the largest legal cannabis markets. With 80% of our accounts being multi-state operations, Talaria CEO, Ari Raptis, stated that expanding to the Mid-Atlantic state was only “natural”. Talaria Transportation is looking to expand its company and enter six more states by the end of the year.

Talaria Transportation, LLC, a privately held company specializing in secure, compliant logistics for the legal cannabis industry, today announced its cash management, product distribution, and testing fleet services have expanded to Maryland. The Philadelphia-based company is now operating in 14 states, with a stronghold in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Established in 2017, Talaria Transportation has grown exponentially to meet the increasing delivery needs of cannabis cultivators, dispensaries, and brands. Over 223 dispensaries rely on the company as well as cultivation operators with upwards of four million square-feet in facility space.

“Talaria has the ability to handle state-specific compliance measures and the industry’s unique distribution ecosystem. Nearly 80 percent of our accounts are multi-state operators and Maryland was the natural next market for us to increase our geographic footprint,” stated Ari Raptis, CEO and founder of Talaria Transportation.

In 2019, Maryland dispensary sales topped $252 million more than doubling the previous sum of $109.3 million accrued during its first year, according to state data. Additional cultivation and processing licenses are expected to bolster market sales and competition in 2020.

Talaria Transportation provides a single source solution for companies and brands looking to improve their cannabis distribution and sourcing networks. “Operators are able to mitigate risk and shift the liability to us by considering the transfer of product an ‘end of sale.’ From there, we take on the role of brand accelerators and find the right end consumer for those products through our home delivery platform,” explained Raptis. “On the cash handling end, we are able to process straight to the federal reserve, providing a multi-faceted supply chain for an industry with limited access to banking.”

The Talaria Transportation cash handling arm is currently processing $40 million dollars per month across its custom-outfitted fleet with top-of-the-line tracking technology to ensure secure and reliable transfers.

The growing company plans to increase its team of professional drivers to 130 and enter another six U.S. markets and be operational in 20 states by the end of year. For more information, visit

About Talaria:
Established in 2017, Talaria Transportation, LLC is a privately held company specializing in secure logistics for the legal cannabis industry. Talaria is currently operating in 14 states and provides optimum systems for every facet of the market, including product, payment, cash processing, and lab testing transportation. With a professional team comprised of retired police officers and military veterans, the Company is dedicated to delivering health throughout the United States and North America. Talaria Transportation is headquartered at 3576 West Chester Pike, #373, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, 19073. For information, visit


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